Cold Power

EvaCon’s Cold Power technology is a battery that is charged by heat, but discharges electricity. It can be charged by cooling water from 90 to 20℃, and then generate electricity from the stored energy. There are no moving parts, no turbines used, and the battery is mostly made up of highly saline water.

This way, Cold Power can produce electricity from €2500/kW, but because of a learning curve our product will become even cheaper.

‘Cold Power Technology’ has many applications, such as waste heat reduction on ships or in factories but also geothermal electricity production.

EvaCon Energy – waste heat

Our Cold Power technology can be applied as a cooling system for waste heat while generating electricity at the same time. Because of the low temperates needed, the technology is widely applicable.

EvaCon Energy – geothermal energy

Because Cold Power technology can convert heat to electricity at a relatively low temperature, geoelectrical installations can be designed less deep. This greatly decreases costs and increases the amount of locations suitable for geothermal installations!
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